Director’s Message

Dear Students,

Since the Onset of COVID-19 outbreak, studies for most students have been disturbed including the preparation for different competition exams.

It’s because students cannot move out or relocate for coaching institutions, their valuable time is being wasted. This has led to launching of many Online Coaching Portals where students are fooled in the name of FREE coaching. Also, there are few portals which are in the business of off-line coaching since 10-15 years which gives me a fair reasoning as to why they might have ventured in Online coaching during this time, especially coaching such as Engineering and Medical. However, there are still a lot of new online portals which are offering Defence and Merchant Navy coaching online. I have studied and researched such online coaching portals deeply.

I have seen their faculty, studied their Content and available Study Pattern but I felt deep sorrow to see that none of them are offering Result Oriented coaching. They are only misleading innocent students. Majority of time teachers keep changing and Study Plan is not according to the set Pattern. They are teaching almost similar syllabus in the name of NDA, Airforce group- ‘X’ & ‘Y’, Indian Navy (AA/SSR), CDSE, Bank, AFCAT, IMU-CET etc. irrespective of different exam pattern and requirement. Most surprising is that these teachers are also teaching SSC/Bank/CGL etc. They have no or very less idea about NDA , Air force Group- ‘X’ & ‘Y’ and Indian Navy (AA/SSR).

I have received a suggestion to start DDA’s online portal from many students and their parents insisting us to involve our Best offline faculty for teaching online so that students can prepare in the right direction for the upcoming exams. I personally do not believe much in Online coaching else we would have started online portal a long back. However, considering this a need of the hour and strong faith of thousands to lac students in us, DDA has thoughtfully ventured into online coaching. I feel immense pleasure to announce that DDA has come up with its Online DDA Digital I have worked very hard to arrange Online Classes for our students and it includes some great attractions so that we can provide Quality and Result Oriented Education same as our Offline Classes. Few of the major advantages of DDA Digital Platform are:

# Our Online Classes will be as competitive as our Offline Classes throughout the nation.
# DDA’s best faculty for Offline Classes will only be teaching in Online Portal.
# Complete Online course will be based on a set pattern.
# We will send DDA’s own study material to students in the form of E-notes which is prepared with great hard work in these 15 years.
# We will timely provide real practice sets of NDA, CDSE, OTA, AFCAT, INET, AIRFORCE (Group ‘X’ and ‘Y’), Indian Navy (AA/SSR), All Army Recruitments, MNS, BSF, Merchant Navy (IMU-SET), Company Sponsorship, SSB-Interview and Foundation.
# Students will receive all information regarding the Examination Dates/ Call Letters/ Merit List/ How to fill the forms, latest Vacancies etc.
# Students will also get notes for Current Affairs from time to time.
# Complete Online Course will be designed according to the Syllabus of different Exams.
# Weekly Quiz will be held.
# Mock Questions and Doubt Clearing Sessions will be arranged in a timely fashion.
# Coaching will be arranged in both, Hindi and English medium for better understanding of all of our students.
# E-notes will also be provided in both mediums and will be distributed as per the chosen language.
# Helpline numbers will be provided which will offer consistent Technical and Academic support for our students.
# Recorded, Chapter wise lectures will also be provided.

The Biggest Advantage of All

The biggest advantage of enrolling in DDA’s Online Class is that the Fee for Online Classes is only 25% of our Offline Course. You only have to pay this. If at any time in future, you come to DDA for Offline Classes, you can enroll just by paying remaining 75% of the fees which shall allow you to sit in our Offline Classes from the very start of the course. This means, your online course becomes COMPLETELY FREE irrespective of the number of classes that you have taken. This is the biggest advantage that DDA is offering to YOU. Why to wait now? Don’t waste your precious time. If you have seriously thought about wearing the Uniform or if you want to make bright career in NDA, CDSE, OTA, AFCAT, INET, AIRFORCE (Group (‘X’ and ‘Y’), Indian navy (AA/SSR), Indian Army, MNS, SSB-Interview, Foundation, Merchant Navy or if you also want to include your name in the list of already selected more than 8500 students from DDA or if along with serving mother nation you want to attain an outstanding Lifestyle and respectful career, then join Sandeep Sir’s Doon Defence Academy’s Digital Platform NOW. Because… “Lakshya Toh Har Hal Me Pana Hai”

Dear Students,

जब से COVID – 19 की समस्या दुनिया भर में आयी है, तब से बच्चों की पढाई जिसमें विभिन्न प्रकार के Competition की Preparation भी शामिल है, उनकी तैयारी में बाधा पहुॅची है। अब चूंकि बच्चें कोचिंग के लिये घरों से नहीं निकल पा रहे है, उनका बहुमूल्य वक्त बरबाद हो रहा है। ऐसे में बहुत से Online Coaching के Portal खुल गये है। जिसमंे बच्चों को Free Coaching के नाम पर बरगलाया जा रहा है। कुछ ऐसे च्वतजंस भी है जो 10-15 सालों से Offline Coaching  में थें, तो इनकी बात समझ भी आती है, Specially Engineering and Medical की कोचिंग में। परन्तु बहुत से Portal ऐसे खुल गये है। जो Defence और Merchant Navy की भी Online तैयारी करा रहे है। मैने ऐसे सभी Portals की गहनता से अध्ययन किया है। उनके Teachers देखें है, उनका Content देखा है, Study Pattern देखा है परन्तु यह देख कर बड़ा दुख हुआ कि उनमें से कोई भी Result Oriented  नहीं पढा रहा है वह केवल बच्चों को गुमराह कर रहे है। अंिधकांश समय Teacher बदलते रहते है, Study Plan Pattern पर नहीं है। NDA, Airforce Group – ‘X’ & ‘Y’, Indian Navy (AA/SSR), CDSE, OTA, AFCAT, IMU-CET इत्यादि का नाम रख कर लगभग एक ही तरह की पढाई चल रही है। आश्चर्य की तो यह बात है  SSC / Bank / CGL इत्यादि भी यही Teachers पढा रहें है। उन्हें NDA, Airforce Group – ‘X’ & ‘Y’, Indian Navy (AA/SSR) क्या है पता नही है। मेंरे बहुत सारे Students एवंम उनके Parents का यह सुझाव आया है कि Sir, DDA भी अपना Online Portal तैयार करें और DDA की जो Best Faculty जो Offline Classes ले रही थी, अब  वो ही Online Classes भी ले ताकि बच्चों की तैयारी कुछ तो सही दिशा में हो। मैं हालाकि Online पढाई पर ज्यादा विश्वास नहीं करता था वरना कब की Online Classes चला चुका होता परन्तु समय की मांग को देखते हुए एवंम DDA के प्रति हजारो-लाखों छात्रांे के अटूट विश्वास को देखते हुए अब DDA भी अपना Online DDA Digital Platform लाया है। मैनें DDA ने बड़ी मेहनत से यह Online Classes की व्यवस्था की है और इसमें कुछ विशेष आकर्षण रखे है ताकि Offline Classes की तरह अब हम Online Classes में भी Quality and Result Oriented Education Provide  कर सके है। DDA Digital Platform की कुछ खास विशेषताएं है।

Ø  Online Classes भी हमारे Offline Classes की तरह पुरे भारतवर्ष में सबसे अव्वल दर्जे की होगी।

Ø  DDA की Offline Classes की Best Faculties ही Online Classes भी लेगें।

Ø  पूरा Online कोर्स एक निर्धारित पैटर्न पर चलेगा।

Ø  हम बच्चों को DDA द्वारा तैयार 15 सालों की मेहनत का Study Material, E-notes के रूप में भेजेगें।

Ø  बच्चों की समय-समय पर NDA, CDSE, OTA, AFCAT, INET, Airforce (Group ‘X’ & ‘Y’), Indian Navy (AA/SSR), All Army Recruitments, MNS, BSF, Merchant Navy (IMU-CET), Company Sponsorship, SSB-Interview and Foundation के Real Practice Set करवाया करेगें।

Ø  बच्चों को सभी प्रकार की भर्तियों / Examination Dates / Call Letters / Merit List / How to fill the forms, Latest Vacancies  की जानकारियाॅं उपलब्ध करवायेगें।

Ø  बच्चों को समय-समय पर Current Affiars के E-notes भी भेजा करेगें।

Ø  पूरा Online course Different Exam के Syllabus के According Design होगा तथा समय पर पूरा होगा।

Ø  Weekly Quiz होगी।

Ø  Mock Questions & Doubt Clearing Sessions भी करवाये जायेगें।

Ø  पढ़ाई English / Hindi दोनों में होगी तथा बच्चों को आसानी से समझ आ सकें।

Ø  E-notes जिस भी भाषा English / Hindi में चाहिए उसी में Provide करवाये जायेगें।

Ø  Helpline No. दिये जायेगें जिससे आप Technical / Academic Support ले सकते है।

Ø  Recorded, Chapter wise lecture  भी Provide करवाये जायेगें।



Sandeep Sir
Submariner- Indian navy (Retd.)
Doon Defence Academy, Dehradun

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